Some systems are experiencing issues

24th March 2019

No incidents reported

23rd March 2019

No incidents reported

22nd March 2019

Shared hosting Shared Hosting - We are currently experiencing problems with outgoing Curl Request

At the moment we are experiencing issues with Curl Requests over ipv4. Because of this Curl requests will fail, so you can notice problems with for example communication with external parties like Mollie, or updating WordPress. We are working really hard to solve the problem as soon as possible.

-- Update 17:30 : We have replaced the redundant router blade machines that caused the problems. We have tried to solve the issue using this dedicated hardware, but we didn't succeed. As a result of this we phased out the router blades and created another configuration to prevent this from happening in the future. It took some time to install and configure those servers.

21st March 2019

E-mail Interruption email

We're currently experiencing issues on our shared email services. Our technicians are investigating the problem and we're working very hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Update: one of the storage nodes is showing issues with the raid configuration, we're currently working on getting the node up and running. Incoming mail will be queued on out mail routers and will be delivered when the service has been restored.

Update: the issue has been resolved and service has been restored.

20th March 2019

No incidents reported

19th March 2019

No incidents reported

18th March 2019

No incidents reported